Saturday, June 16, 2012

عن الثورة و عن الحياة - About Revolution & Life

"العالم يتحول للأفضل لأن هناك شعوبا تخاطر بأرواحها لجعله أفضل ”
الروائي البرازيلي بولو كويلهو

"The world only gets better because people risk something to make it better"
                                                                                                             Paulo Coelho

In this project i tried to focus on some meanings related to the Egyptian Revolution, meanings like equality, the importance of knowledge,work and hope. i also tried to describe the social fabric of the Egyptian society with its two classes, the lower and upper class, the huge gab between them, and also the absence of the middle class. 
I used Double Exposure and black&white in my work.

this project was the result of the great workshop "In Your Hands - From Viewing to Making" with the inspiring Artists Ronnie Close , Liam Devlin.That took place at Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) Photo School.

و يبقى الأمل
The hope will never die


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

التنورة - المولوية

رقص التنورة اخذ من رقص المولوية الذي ينبع من الحس الإسلامي الصوفي ذي اساس فلسفي ويرى مؤدوها أن الحركة في الكون تبدأ من نقطة وتتنتهي عند النقطة ذاتها ولذا يعكسون هذا المفهوم في رقصتهم فتأتي حركاتهم دائرية وكأنهم يرسمون بها هالات يرسخون بها اعتقادهم يدورون ويدورون كأنهم الكواكب سابحة في الفضاء
فانه محاولة للتعبير الجسدي عن حالة روحية يصعب التعبير عنها بامكانات الجسد المحدودة..و لذلك اخترت منظورا يتخطى ابعاد الجسد.

Monday, April 30, 2012


It's about missing someone and memories..still working on the rest

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The color of truth

 وأرى في العيونِ العَميقةِ. لونَ الحقيقةِ. لونَ تُرابِ الوطنْ

Friday, February 10, 2012


PTPI"s Cairo "People to People International" had organized a charity event under the name “MEN ALBO W RO7O MASRY” to the favor of Sir Magdy Yacoub's Heart Center in Aswan. i was invited there by a friend.
i loved the day, the people and the cause. i really enjoyed :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gezert El Dahab

It was really so great that i got the opportunity to visit "Gezert el dahab" just one week after i was at "al nazla" village - fayoum.
it was great because i got to see the differences between the two's alot different here at gezeret el dahab.i found a sense of beauty imposing itself in everything around me,starting with the houses,the wide landscape,calmness and peace in the streets ,even the animals there were really pretty.

the best part of the day was when 2 little donkeys got loose and started to run allover the place and the children were trying too hard to catch was a lot of fun.